Retail assessment

Keepfactor researches the functioning of retail units. What do shop managers actually find important? How do they rate the catchment area or environment? This information will enable owners to make targeted and effective investments to improve the retail units, enhancing the ambiance and therefor the turn over!


Keepfactor conducts the assessment by asking every tenant to rate 5 aspects of the building, and 2 aspects of the property management. These 5 aspects influence the functioning of a building and its environment:

  • Catchment area
  • Accessibility and parking
  • Ambiance
  • Retail unit
  • Surroundings

The following two aspects of the property management are questioned:

  • Performance of the property management
  • Sustainability

Besides the contact person, multiple colleagues can join the assessment. This will improve the coverage and response of the tenant satisfaction assessmen


First, the tenants are asked to grade each factor with a score between 0 and 10. After that, they can specific items of the environment or retail unit that should be improved.

They are then asked to weigh individual aspects to indicate which they believe are the most important.

This provides insight into the weighted performance of the property. The aspect with a poor score and major importance is a potential Keepfactor. In the diagram, the outliers are important. Which aspects cause good or bad ratings?


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  • Transparent dialogue with the landlord
  • Result could lead to focused investment in the retail unit/shopping mall
  • (Dis)satisfaction of your tenants becomes apparent
  • Property management is judged in an objective way
  • Insight into the functioning of the retail concept, other shops, location etc

The insights for the landlord and the property manager enhance the communication about the possible and relevant improvements of the building. It becomes easier to focus on malfunctioning aspects preventing tenants to be  dissatisfied.