Logistic assessment

Keepfactor researches the functioning of logistics or distribution parks and warehouses. Does these premises support the tenants’ workflow? Do the employees feel safe in the building or the surrounding? What could the landlord do to support the tenants? Is the number of parking places for motorbikes sufficient? This information will enable owners to make targeted and effective investments in the property, enhancing satisfaction and performance!



Keepfactor executes the assessment by asking every tenant to rate several aspects of the complex as well as five aspects of the property management. These aspects represent the elements that influence the performance of a building and its environment:

  • Accessibility
  • Parking and manoeuvring
  • Delivery level of the office space
  • Interior of the warehouse
  • Exterior of the complex
  • Internal climate and lighting of the warehouse
  • Security

The following five aspects of the property management are questioned as well:

  • Communication
  • Finance and administration
  • Malfunction/complaint handling
  • Sustainability

Besides the contact person, as many colleagues as possible can join the building assessment. This will improve the coverage and response rate of t assessment.


Tenants and occupiers are asked to grade and weigh all individual aspects. After that, they can choose specific items of the complex or exterior that should be improved. This provides insights in the satisfaction of the occupiers and in the performance of the property and their managers.

The Keepfactor platform shows ratings, performances, NPS-scores and other benchmarking information. Via algorithms that combine opinions and financial information, the outcome is translated in action plans. In the overviews, the outliers are important. Which aspects cause good or bad ratings?
It takes occupiers no more than 6 minutes of their time to finish the assessment which could improve their living environment! As the contactpersons’ assessment also assesses the property management, this will take 3 minutes longer.

This provides insight into the weighted performance of a building. The accommodation aspect with a poor score and major importance is a potential Keepfactor. In the diagram, the outliers are important. Which aspects cause good or bad ratings?


  • Transparent dialogue with the landlord
  • Result could lead to focused investment in accommodation
  • (Dis)satisfaction of staff becomes apparent
  • Property management is judged and evaluated
  • Insight into the functioning of the warehouse, offices or loading docks etc.

Both the owner and the tenant can receive the outcome of the assessment enhancing the possibilities to communicate about the aspects. Based on this information, the landlord will be able to present and/or implement more focused building improvement proposals to tenants. For owners, it will become easier to determine where extra attention must be concentrated.


  • to participate in the Keepfactor assessment
  • to encourage your employees to complete the assessment
  • to provide the e-mail addresses of your employees, which will be treated in the strictest confidence

If you have any question please mail (info@keepfactor.com) or call (0885003000)