Residential assessment

Researches the functioning of residential buildings in your portfolio by assessing the occupiers. What elements are appreciated and what items of the building need improvements. How do your tenants rate the amenities and surroundings of their apartment or house? Do your occupiers feel safe and healthy? This information enables owners to make targeted and effective investments to improve their buildings and to lower vacancy!



Keepfactor conducts the assessment by asking all tenants in the buildings about their home, the facilities and environs and the property management. 7 aspects are examined:

  • The total apartment or house
  • Security in and around the apartment
  • Appearance and maintenance
  • Property management
  • Accessibility and parking
  • Sustainability
  • Amenities in the area


Tenants and occupiers are asked to grade and weigh all individual aspects. After that, they can choose specific items of the house or surroundings that should be improved. This provides insights in the satisfaction of the occupiers and in the performance of the property and their managers.

The Keepfactor platform shows ratings, performances, NPS-scores and other benchmarking information. Via algorithms that combine opinions and financial information, the outcome is translated in action plans. In the overviews, the outliers are important. Which aspects cause good or bad ratings?

It takes tenants no more than 6 minutes of their time to finish the assessment which could improve their living environment!


  • Transparent and objective method to express your opinion
  • Results could lead to focused investment in the houses, surroundings or property management
  • (Dis)satisfaction of occupiers becomes apparent

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